I thought I was done with dating…

I’m up on Scary Mommy today talking about the grief (and the occasional joy) that come with finding a sitter. I hope you’ll join me over there… Is it just me or is it a jungle out there? I’d love to hear your success/horror stories in the comments!

For many moms, the prospect of leaving the children with a babysitter is overwhelming. Not to worry. Finding a sitter is a lot like dating, which you have probably done before. Though you may have had freshly waxed lady-bits, a Friendster account, and a flip phone the last time you were on the prowl, finding a sitter and dating have more in common than you think.

The types of sitters you meet are actually just like the kinds of people you date.

The One You Hope Looks Like Her Picture

It’s the 21st century, so if finding a sitter online makes you uneasy, remember: Google is your friend. Study her Facebook timeline, troll her Instagram feed, and order a background check. Even if she’s perfect on paper, an IRL meeting could be a different story. Maybe she wears excessive cheap perfume or swipes through Tinder when she thinks you’re not looking. So, keep it light the first time she comes and grab a drink. Save that fancy dinner for when you’re more comfortable with her. And don’t be afraid to use a nannycam, especially if you met on Craigslist.

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