The 10 Stages of Switching from a Mac to a PC

I consider myself a quick learner, open to new experiences, and adventurous. So how hard could it be to switch from a Mac to a PC? Very, it turns out. There were 10 essential stages in my journey from a Mac to a PC, and (spoiler alert!) back again…

Stage 1: Decision
I decided it was time for a new computer. I was definitely going to get another MacBook. This one would have a slightly larger screen and more memory than my current model.

Stage 2: Confusion
Dan suggested I explore the possibility of a PC.
“But I had a PC. It was horrible.”  I said.
“When?” he asked.
“2007,” I said.
“A lot has changed since then. And I know PC’s way better than I know Macs. I would be your tech support. And you would save so much money. Think about it.”

Stage 3: Data Gathering
I thought about it. I looked at online reviews of various computers but soon my head hurt because too many choices. To gain clarity, I polled my Facebook friends, which made my head hurt worse. Advice ranged from “Divorce your husband for suggesting such a horrid thing!” to “My new PC is way better than my old Mac and so cheap!” I was reminded why I seldom poll my Facebook friends on anything more important than restaurant recommendations in unfamiliar cities. I was back Stage #2.

Stage 4: Invoke Pioneer Spirit
With a babysitter secured and the promise of dinner when the mission was complete, I lured Dan to Best Buy. I encouraged him to eat a huge soft pretzel before entering the battlefield  Best Buy. Carb loading is not just for athletes.

Stage 5: Hunt, Gather
As a husband/wife team we did well with this part. We got to Best Buy by 7:30 and were out of there by 8:30, new Asus flipbook in hand. We refueled at a Pho restaurant afterward.

Stage 6: Disappointment
My new treasure was shiny, sleek, and pretty. My new toy quickly became a source of frustration, however.  The mouse was possessed by demons. I would right click and a new window would open. I’d attempt to highlight some text and the whole background would become highlighted. This was just the beginning. Windows 10 was more confusing than a Rubix cube. I’ve never been good at those. Never before had the sound of the desperate call, “Dan?” reverberated through the walls of our home with such frequency.

Stage 7: Determination
Surely, this was just a phase. I could get used to Windows 10, I told myself. I brought in all the positive self-talk I could muster. You have a masters degree. You have grit. You did two ironmans. You gave birth without medication. Surely you can learn Windows 10!  

Stage 8: Anger
All the self-talk in the world could not keep me from the red rage that consumed me whenever I tried to use the computer. It took all the restraint I had not to throw it across the room. Also, it was heavier, and therefore not as easy to throw, as the MacBook Air.

Stage 9: Admission of Defeat
Dan gave me an out. “You only have so much time.” he said. “It’s ok if you don’t want to spend it learning a new computer.” Between you and me, I think this was Dan-speak for “I rue the day I volunteered to be your PC tech support.” I’d given it a shot. I had failed. It was ok. I just needed to get back to Best Buy within 14 days of the original purchase to take advantage of their fabulous return policy.

Stage 10: Endure Torture to Secure Bounty
I brought both kids with me and stood in line at Best Buy’s Customer Service desk for 45 minutes, to exchange the PC for a MacBook Air. The time flew by, with my three year old attempting to poke the baby’s eyes, hanging on my body, lifting her dress to show the entire store her underwear (is this a normal phase??), and engaging me in 3849390 rounds of “hide and seek,” while the baby squirmed, fussed, and alternately made frantic grunts and screams to indicate needing to be put down and needing to be picked up, while consistently refusing the straightjacket we lovingly call her stroller. It was with great triumph that I exited with my precious in hand.


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