My Story + British Accent = Awesome

It was super exciting when I found out my my flash fiction piece, “A Gorgeous Day to Fly” made the Mash Stories competition short list. If that weren’t enough to make all the happy neurons in my brain dance a jig, a professional narrator read it in a British accent for the Mash Stories podcast!  If you’re so inclined, you can listen here. It’s just five minutes.

Mash Stories does a contest every quarter. They give you three words, and you have to include each of them in a short story, with a maximum of 500 words. If you make the short list, your story appears on the website, and is narrated for the podcast. If you win, you receive a cash prize and a consultation with a professional development coach. I had so much fun the first time, I tried again, and my story was short listed again! You can read it here. It’s called “What Changed.” I’ve really enjoyed reading and hearing many of the other stories. If you’re looking for a good podcast, I would highly recommend Mash Stories.

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