The Preschool Pickup Fiasco of 2015 on Scary Mommy

Sweet Pea, my three year-old, started preschool this fall. Her first day of school was momentous. It was epic, in fact.

The way she howled at pick-up, you would have thought I was a kidnapper.

I’m sure this will be a hilarious story someday. Like, when she’s thirty. At the time, I felt like Sweet Pea must feel when she’s red-faced and crying, yelling “YOU HURT MY FEELINGS!!!!!!” in between sobs that suck all the air out of the room. I was sad. I was angry. And I was left with two hours a day to write during preschool. So I wrote about the Preschool Pickup Fiasco of 2015 and Scary Mommy decided to publish my essay. I’d love it you’d head over there to read it.


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