Face Value

I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy right after Lady Bug was born. So, on top of having a fussy newborn, I had a jacked up face, and everything that goes along with that. It ended up being a hard year. I’ve always thought the worse an experience, the better fodder it is for your writing. (I’m a little sad I didn’t have a blog when I was dating.) But the thing about Bell’s Palsy was, I couldn’t write about it. I had a lot to say, but I wasn’t sure how, or I wasn’t ready, or I just didn’t want to put down on paper how it felt. And then Mamalode announced October’s theme was “beauty” and I decided it was time to try.  I am thrilled and a little scared that they published my essay, “Face Value.” I’d really appreciate it if you’d head to Mamalode read it.


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