Workout Wednesday: A Month of The Dailey Method

I’ve been going to The Dailey Method pretty consistently since December 21st. Here’s a rundown of why I decided to go for it, what I love about it, and what I don’t, after a month of classes. From December 21st through today (January 24th), I’ve attended 16 classes. That’s 3.2 classes per week.

The Dailey Method

I started going because:
• I felt like trying something new.
• I wanted to strengthen my core.
• I wanted learn to engage my core in a functional way; optimally this will transfer to my running and I will be able run again, injury-free.
• I wanted to tone up- specifically my torso but also my arms, legs, and butt would be fine. I dream big.
• I was intrigued by the claims of friends and random strangers on the internet alike, praising the magical, toning powers of bar classes.

What I love:
♥ The location and class times are convenient for me.
♥ The one-hour classes go by fast.
♥ The music.
♥ I did not have to buy a new wardrobe. Full disclaimer: I was… inspired to purchase a couple of new pair of leggings but I wear them everywhere, not just to class. Also, they were on sale. Also, they are insanely comfortable and flattering (perhaps moreso b/c of bar classes, but more on that later). I don’t get free leggings or free anything for this- I just want to share my enthusiasm for these amazing leggings, Athleta’s Chataranga High Rise tight, (NOTE: THEY COME IN PETITE!!!) because I’m a giver.
♥ I was amazed by the fact that I suffered so greatly in class, yet remained 99.8% sweat-free.
♥ I don’t have to shower or even change (see awesome new leggings) after class, which is a big time-saver.
♥ The teachers frequently come around and adjust your hips or whatever to ensure proper form.
♥ No two workouts are exactly the same. Your body never knows what’s up next, so it’s always challenging.
♥ I’m getting stronger! I can lift heavier weights, I can do a better plank for longer, and I can get deeper into some of the crazy thigh-burning squat-type exercises.
♥ Group fitness means you get there when class starts and you leave when it’s over. No excuses. When I’m on my own, I have been known to start late, finish early, or (less frequently) bag the whole thing. But when my class is our shared calendar, and Dan bends his schedule to watch the kids so I can go, I go. No discussion. Yes, I have to schedule it in advance, but that’s kind of the beauty of it. On the weekend, I compare the schedule with my calendar, I plug in classes where I can, and I don’t think about it again.
♥ And of course the whole reason anyone really cares, if we can be honest (and I believe we can)… It works! I have definitely toned up over the five weeks. It is worth noting that my normally healthy eating has been derailed more than usual this month, due to holidays, parties, Dan’s birthday, things of that nature. Also much of the time I’ve devoted time to The Dailey Method would normally be used for cardio. So what I’m saying is:
Worse Eating + Less Cardio + The Dailey Method 3.2x/week x 5 weeks = Results!
I’m talking about definition and slimming of my tummy, more definition in my triceps, and also- this is awesome-  I feel like my butt is lifted. I took the fact that my butt just did its normal thing,  (that thing was staying in place, not sagging in my capri running tights like a wilting Gerber daisy) for granted, until it didn’t anymore. I thought this was a normal effect of being 37 and having had two babies. I thought there was no cure. But I was wrong! I love being wrong sometimes.

What I Don’t Love:
•I don’t sweat. I know, that’s one of the things I do love. As Dan once said, I am a riddle in an enigma. Not sweating certainly has its perks. But I LOVE to sweat. Sometimes I wax nostalgic about the smelly gym where I used to work out in Carrboro, North Carolina. The air conditioning was always malfunctioning. I complained about it with my friends but secretly, I didn’t mind. I loved the sensation of sweat forming perfect, glistening beads that would slip down my forearms about ten minutes into a Stairmaster session. So, it’s a little hard for me to justify spending a precious hour of my free time doing something that qualifies as my workout for the day, yet fails to put me in the sweat zone.
•There’s a lot of stretching. I would estimate 15% of the hour is spent stretching. And while it’s often a welcome break from the glute-burning madness, it sometimes makes me anxious. I did not come to relax. I came to work. To me, time spent stretching would be better spent working. Also, I am competitive and I am very inflexible, so I hate watching everyone else fold their bodies in half while I’m struggling to touch my toes.

So there you have it. My assessment of The Dailey Method after a little over a month of regular attendance. I can’t tell you how it compares to The Bar Method because I haven’t been in over two years and I don’t remember it all that well. I have yet to try Pure Barre, though I’m curious to check it out. Have you tried various bar classes? How did you think The Dailey Method stacks up?


4 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday: A Month of The Dailey Method

  1. Nina says:

    This matches 100% with my feelings about Pure Barre. (Which, by the way, to this day remains the most viewed post on my blog every month because of the SEO. Who knew!? Hope that happens for you, too! It’s good for random extra traffic, not that anyone necessary stays for my book talk and Jewish talk. But they would stay for your running stuff!)

    I both love and hate that I don’t sweat. After 1.5 years of barre I ended up stopping for two reasons– money and I got sick of it. I started to dread the room and it was too expensive to feel dread. But I just got a coupon to come back and have a month at $99 again which is like IMPOSSIBLE to get so I’m wondering if I should do a month. I’m for sure not in as good of shape as I was when I was a barre regular.

    I loved this post. So funny and so you.

    Will you do more food posts? I need help with that. I need to eat less sugar and I feel like your real tone along with your experience would help. I’m serious. Get on that please!

    • Pam says:

      So much to respond to here.. I am going to email you b/c I never know if people check back with the comments or if your WP app will tell you I’ve replied…

  2. Justine says:

    I started Pure Barre after my 3rd baby and thought I could see an improvement in my overall body tone. I have not been as consistent as you have once, maybe twice, a week, but definitely feel that you can see results. However, after one or two times a week for the last two years, I’m getting bored of it. I actually am doing Core Power Yoga again, and thinking about trying Orange Theory, which people seem to be obsessed with. Another great work out is Pilates Evolution, (super intense pilates workout), I don’t know if they have a location in Boulder.

    I love reading your blog. I am jealous of your ability to run, my knees are so bad that I had to give it up, but wondering if I should give it a go again. 🙂

    • Pam says:

      Thanks, Justine! I wish I could run right now. I have been injured since Thanksgiving! It is driving me crazy but I am trying to look on the bright side and embrace the opportunity to do things I never have time for when I’m running (like bar class, swimming, spin class, etc). We don’t have Pilates Evolution in Boulder, sadly. I have done regular Pilates before and found it to be the opposite of intense, which is a drawback for me.

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