Things You Consider Normal When Your Kid Has Food Allergies

Lady Bug was diagnosed with food allergies exactly a year ago. Right after we got the diagnosis, I freaked out. A lot. As a person who is prone to eating random stuff that I find, I can only hope my daughter doesn’t take after me. Though it’s still too early to tell exactly what kind of person she’ll be, I’m not holding my breath. I might have put my tongue in her mouth yesterday in a panicked attempt to taste whether she’d secretly eaten an allergen. And I might have done it without stopping to wonder what laws I was breaking or how I was going to explain to my four year-old that the means more than justified the ends, but only in this one very specific circumstance. I am up on Scary Mommy today with a list of 17 things you think are normal when your kid has food allergies, (French kissing your toddler would be #18.) Click here to read the full post on Scary Mommy.

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