How to Create a Killer DIY Writing Retreat

Have you ever dreamed of attending a fancy writing retreat, where huge carafes of coffee and a selection of herbal teas are available all day long? You’re surrounded by woods, or maybe water, but definitely other writers. Also, there would be fruit bowls and trays of fresh scones and muffins. You’d have deleted Facebook from your phone for this special retreat, so your greatest distraction would be the battle between good and evil going on in your head (that is, whether to take the apple or the cheese danish). Pssst…I have secret: You can stop dreaming and DO IT. I am on Beyond Your Blog today, with a guest post, sharing all the details on how two friends and I created our own writing retreat on the cheap. Ok, there were no scones but there was plenty of candy.  Also, we had mountain views. Not only did we produce SO MANY WORDS that fateful fall weekend, but it was also fodder for the article I sold about the experience. I kind of want to high five myself right now. Go read it. Then plan your own writing retreat and let me know how it goes.

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