Why Being a SAHM Is The Best… For Your Partner

“I wish I could go to work,” I whined.

We had a newborn and a toddler. I was sleep-deprived and completely overwhelmed.

My husband encouraged me to go back to work. “But financially, it hardly makes sense,” I countered. Ever the optimist, he responded, “I don’t care if it costs us money. If it makes you happy, it’s worth it.”

“It’s not just that I want to go back to work,” I explained. “I want your life.” He stared at me, not understanding. “I want to kiss the kids goodbye, leave for work, and come home nine hours later without worrying about anything else, like you do.”

The logistics of returning to work — even part-time — overwhelmed me. I didn’t want to arrange childcare, leave notes detailing feeding and nap schedules, or pump at work. I didn’t want to rush home with full breasts and write the sitter a check while the baby wailed, waiting to nurse. Also, I still couldn’t fit into any of my work pants.

Whining aside, I’m grateful to have the chance to stay home with my kids. Being a SAHM is a great gig — for me and for my husband. Going back to work would feel a lot more manageable if I had someone like me to manage all the details required of being an adult.

Here are some of the perks of being the lucky partner of a SAHM… [click here to read the rest on Your Tango]

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