8| Jamie Gold, couch potato turned athlete: Risk being uncomfortable

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Jamie Gold is a self-proclaimed couch potato turned athlete; 

In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, she was sedentary and as she put it “checked out” when her husband announced her wanted a divorce. Knowing something had to change, she started swimming laps in her neighborhood pool. 

Today she’s Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach, wellness design consultant and the author of three books. The latest, Wellness by Design, gives people actionable strategies to modify their homes in ways that support their health- on any budget. 

Since turning 50, she’s done marathons, half marathons, obstacle course races including a Spartan trifecta, and has summited Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the lower 48 states. This December she’ll summit Mt Kilimanjaro.

In this episode Jamie talks really openly about how she changed her life, how she’s fallen – literally along the way, and why  she keeps getting back up. If you need a dose of positivity today, you will find it here! She also gives practical suggestions on how your home can help you recover better for your next workout.

If that speaks to you- please join us on Wednesday June 16th at 2 pm Mountain Standard time for Wellness Wednesdays on Clubhouse! I’ll be Jamie’s guest; we’re going to be talking about staying fit at home- what you need- what you don’t need,  how to make your home set up work for you.


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In this episode we talked about…

  • Growing up in Brooklyn, Jamie didn’t like gym and was always picked last for teams 
  • Weight cycling during her teens
  • Switching careers – media executive to interior design
  • Falling into a habit of coming home from work to crash on the couch and snack
  • How her divorce was a wake-up call, sparking a commitment to a healthy lifestyle
  • Moving from Florida to San Diego after her divorce
  • Gradually building fitness, focusing on the exercise she was capable of doing without access to a gym
  • How volunteering at a Tough Mudder finish line changed Jamie’s life 
  • How she trained for her first obstacle course, a Spartan race
  • From obstacle racing to half marathons to a full marathon. summiting Mt. Whitney (the highest peak in the lower 48 states) – all in her 50’s
  • How to inspire yourself
  • How setting athletic goals helped Jamie see herself as an athlete
  • On her first Go Ruck Lite event- her goal was just to finish
  • What is aging in place and why it matters – and why Jamie doesn’t like “the A word”
  • How your home design can support your fitness goals 
  • What is a wellness vision and why you need one
  • How to create a meaningful fitness goal that doesn’t pertain to weight loss 
  • Jamie’s best expert tips on how to set up a home environment to help you thrive 
  • How decluttering your kitchen can improve your health
  • Why your kitchen needs an anti-fatigue mat and what to look for when you’re shopping for one
  • How your bedroom set-up can help you get better sleep
  • How to show up even when you’re scared
  • Why authenticity and vulnerability – and falling face-first in the dirt- matter
  • From prioritizing perfection to emphasizing authenticity
  • How Jamie integrates gratitude into her life and why it matters
  • The importance of living in the now
  • On the challenges of going through a divorce at age 49
  • Tips for navigating a divorce
  • What are wellness communities and why they matter


“I never saw myself as an athlete. I was the creative one. I was the writer. That was my identity”

“When my marriage crashed and burned much to my surprise, because I was a bit tuned out, I thought I better do something or I’m going to have a heart attack or a stroke. That was my impetus to get off the bloody couch and get active in some way. I started swimming again because it’s no impact. Unless you hit your elbow against the edge of the pool, which I have done more than once. And then for some reason my body started craving healthier foods.”

“[At the Spartan race finish line] I saw people of all ages and all sizes. Some were running across the finish line, and some were crawling but what struck me most was that people were in teams crossing the line arm in arm.“

“I showed myself I could do things I never thought I could do… And I learned in the process that having an event goal and training and fueling for it were much more motivating to me than diet and exercise had ever been.”

“Here I was a woman in her 50’s a recovering couch potato, doing all these things outside and inspiring myself essentially to continue and looking for new ways to challenge myself mentally and physically.”

“We all have weaknesses.”

“See yourself in a way that empowers you.”

“I dreaded turning 60 – till I did.”

“People write about inclusive design or accessible, or universal design. I thought, rather than aging in place, I would think about myself as an athlete in place. I would think about times when it would be tough to use my home because I was so sore from training or an event… and I would think about my needs and what benefited me as a weekend athlete.”

“The things that were cool in my 50’s are even cooler in my 60’s.”

“I believe that happiness is’t due to any factor other than being grateful for what you have, having purpose in your life, and essentially taking care of your responsibilities.”

“Don’t let fear stop you from doing something you think could be a lot of fun.”

“I didn’t let my fears get in my way of having a good time.”

“Allowing yourself to be authentic is a gift to people that you may not even understand at first.”

“I would rather be authentic and approachable than perfect.”

“Life is about creating yourself. And you can recreate yourself.”

“It’s a strong belief of mine that wellness should not just be for the well to do.”

“Risk being uncomfortable.”


Wellness by Design (Jamie’s Book!) 

Happiness is a Serious Problem by Dennis Prager

GoRuck events

Tough Mudder

Spartan Races

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

A Gentleman from Moscow by Amor Towles

Indianapolis by Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladig

Go Ruck Zero pack 

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