Real Fit Podcast: Ep 13| Vicki Hunter, runner, writer, and coach: Success lives at the intersection of passion and discipline

At the age of 36 Vicki Hunter wasn’t guaranteed she’d survive the injuries she’d sustained in a major car accident, let alone whether she’d ever run again. 14 weeks pregnant with her first child at the time, she’d shattered nearly all the bones on her right side, leaving her with a traumatic brain injury, a collapsed lung, a punctured liver, and no promise she’d fully recover. Now 60, not only has she fully recovered, she’s just as strong of a runner – and even stronger a person than ever .

Having qualified for the Olympic Marathon trials in 1988, she applied everything she knew about marathon training to her rehab. Today she continues to compete in all kinds of running races, from 5k’s to 50k’s, and is currently gearing up for the Boston Marathon. 

Retired from teaching Political Science at the University of Colorado, she’s now focusing on coaching. A certified level II Foundation Training Instructor and a Lydiard certified running coach, Vicki is committed to helping people of all ages maximize their ability to move well. 

She’s also completing a memoir; as it turns out the writing process has a lot in common with endurance sports, which we get into in this episode. 

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