14| Ashley DePaulis, Body Muse and Movement Alchemist: How to tap into your body’s wisdom and get unstuck

Your Body Is An Asset for Moving Beyond Anxiety and Chronic Stress and into Embodied Success.

As a Body Muse and Movement Alchemist, Ashley helps high performing women move beyond an anxious mind and armored body so they can align with their next level of fulfillment. Using a holistic approach inside the Vital Body Method, she teaches you how to activate your body’s natural healing state for growth and expansion by feeling, processing and understanding the energy being expressed through your body using somatic movement, breath and play.

She believes that when you let the kid in you win, you will trust yourself, love yourself and guide yourself to your next level effortlessly- moving from stuck to free in your body and life.

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In this episode, you’ll learn… 

  • How Ashley has made working out at home fun (or at least bearable) during Covid
  • How Ashley started out in public health and how her journey led her to somatic embodiment coaching 
  • How a life-threatening car accident changed the trajectory of Ashley‘s career
  • How it took her 14 years- and another car accident -to realize she was living with PTSD
  • How EMDR can heal trauma 
  • How constant stress can actually be a symptom of trauma
  • How to you live from a place of knowing that you are enough no matter how much you achieve (or don’t)
  • Why you need to ground your energy on a daily basis and how to do it
  • How to deal with your negative energy when your partner pisses you off 
  • How to cope when you “feel fat” – and why judging yourself interferes
  • What is your inner athlete and how do you tap into it?
  • Why you should go ahead and enjoy a damn cupcake
  • What’s an armored body? 


It’s about how [movement] makes me feel. 

If people didn’t have a big event, they don’t recognize it as trauma.

To move into healing and to move into growth you have to connect with the body and the vital senses.

To heal trauma you have to come into the body. 

It’s all energetics. 

We never want to bypass how we’re feeling

When we are having an emotion if we completely let ourselves feel it, our body metabolizes it in 90 seconds. 

Embodiment is connecting to your natural aliveness, your inner strength, your energy

When you can speak to an extension of yourself versus making something about you it’s a lot easier to move through. It’s a lot easier to be curious. It’s a lot easier to be compassionate and bring empathy to the situation.

Your inner athlete is your most resilient self and your most playful self

When you’re in constant stress, in survival mode you can’t be in healing and growth.

When you’re in a healing and growth mode, your body naturally guides you towards what’s best. It’s not more complicated than that. 

Just be yourself. 

I think success is having stability within the body and feeling safe within the body to go about what you want to achieve in life… It’s not to say you’re always happy but I think your happiness is connected to your authenticity


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