Real Fit Podcast: Ep 14: 14| Ashley DePaulis, Body Muse and Movement Alchemist: How to tap into your body’s wisdom and get unstuck

Your Body Is An Asset for Moving Beyond Anxiety and Chronic Stress and into Embodied Success.

As a Body Muse and Movement Alchemist, Ashley helps high-performing women move beyond an anxious mind and armored body so they can align with their next level of fulfillment. Using a holistic approach inside the Vital Body Method, she teaches you how to activate your body’s natural healing state for growth and expansion by feeling, processing and understanding the energy being expressed through your body using somatic movement, breath and play.

She believes that when you let the kid in you win, you will trust yourself, love yourself and guide yourself to your next level effortlessly- moving from stuck to free in your body and life.

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