Real Fit Podcast: Ep 16: 16| Andrea Wool, Autoimmune Strong Founder: How She Went From Powerless to Powerlifter and Built A Business Along the Way

Andrea Wool, the founder of Autoimmune Strong,  is a mom, a personal trainer, a nutritional therapy practitioner, an entrepreneur, and an autoimmune warrior. When Andrea started  Autoimmune Strong — the first and only exercise program designed specifically for people living with autoimmune disease — she never imagined she’d eventually hire staff and end up helping thousands of others. It started as an experiment, driven by a simple question: What can I do to feel better? 

As a former distance runner living with fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s, just getting a diagnosis was a challenge. Her next hurdle? Finding the energy to play with her kids at the park. When doctors couldn’t help, Andrea took matters into her own hands. She knew there had to be a better way. With lots of research, some continuing education, and lots of trial and error, she found it.  Now she’s using what she’s learned to help as many people as possible—and she’s taken up powerlifting along the way. 

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