Real Fit Podcast: Ep 19 | Vanessa Gorelkin, occupational therapist and mental health expert: “You can understand your body just by living in your body.”

A retired runner and gym rat, who now prefers walking, hiking, and swimming, Vanessa Gorelkin is is an occupational therapist with a telehealth practice that helps people access their unique and inherent strengths and connect their notions of body and mind to enhance their quality of life.

Before moving to Arizona, where she lives with her husband and son, Vanessa served as an administrator of Orthopedic Surgery at NYU Medical Center and as Senior Vice President of Operations at Planned Parenthood. She returned to direct clinical practice in 2014 when she joined the Mayo Clinic in Arizona as a licensed Occupational Therapist. There, she worked in an outpatient clinic where she helped patients with chronic illness and other stressors regain their prior level of function. She was appointed Instructor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Mayo Medical School in 2015 and is an Associate in the Mayo Clinic Academy of Academic Excellence.

In addition to her extensive clinical and leadership experience, Vanessa is one of the most entertaining OT’s on TikTok right now.

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