Real Fit Podcast: Ep 30: 30| Lindsey Heiserman, business and life coach, personal trainer, and adventure racer: “I like to live one adventure at a time.”

Lindsey Heiserman probably wears more hats than anyone you know. She’s a speaker, business and life coach, personal trainer, and accomplished adventure racer. For the last 15-plus years, her work has been a blend of movement and mindset. 

She holds a unique combination of education and skills—with an undergraduate degree in exercise science and a graduate degree in counseling and psychotherapy, as well as an additional life coaching certification, she’s uniquely qualified to help her clients navigate challenges both inside and, more importantly, outside of the gym. 

Although her many roles might sound unrelated, they all spring from the same place—Lindsey’s desire to help people feel better in their bodies, in their businesses, and in their lives. 

A lifelong athlete, Lindsey has completed over 100 obstacle course races,  including multiple 24-hour events. And while she’s always experienced joy with movement, like many of us, her motivation originally stemmed from the desire to lose weight. 

Lindsey’s clients say she’s “relentlessly positive and unabashedly real. She will challenge the way you think and inspire you to make moves in your life.”

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