Real Fit Podcast: Ep 31: 31| Kathy Gilmour, the triathlete behind ‘Diary of a Fathlete’: “You have to do it one step at a freaking time.”

Kathy Gilmour is an amateur triathlete who has been competing in the Athena category (and often finishing on the podium) since 2011 and the voice behind the blog “Diary of a Fathlete.” She has paddled around Key West three times, run both a 10k and a Half Marathon (in which she accidentally ran close to 16 miles), and competed in the Havana Triathlon.

She’s been on the Base performance team since 2014 and her blog has been featured on She has paddled all over the world, seeking adventure like numerous zip line tours, a 400-ft. gorge jump in Africa, and skydiving. If all of that isn’t bold enough, she also does stand up comedy. 

Connect with Kathy
YouTube: Gilmour Girl: Diary of a Fathlete 

TW: abuse, dieting, weight

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