Real Fit Podcast: Ep 36: 36| Leah Jantzen, Ironman triathlete, life coach, and mom of four: “Be bright, be bold and be brave.”

Leah Jantzen is an elite triathlete, life coach, motivational speaker, and mom of four who calls herself “The Queen of No.” A hardworking athlete who works full-time while running a coaching business and raising kids, the only way she can get it all done is by being super clear on her priorities and setting boundaries like a total boss.

Since she got started as an endurance athlete at the age of 42, she’s competed in the Boston Marathon multiple times and right now she’s gearing up to race at the IM World Championships in Kona this October.

I LOVE the name of Leah’s coaching business, the Scrappy Athlete. When it comes to maximizing performance, her philosophy is, “You have to get scrappy.” And a big part of that is using your mental game to optimize your performance. Physical fitness is important, but it’s the self-limiting beliefs that can really hold you back if you’re not aware of them. Leah was, in fact, able to smash her own belief — that she wouldn’t get faster in her 40s. As a coach, Leah uses her expert mental conditioning skills to perform at the highest level and teaches others to maximize their mindset.

Leah is a real expert on the mental aspect of training. She’s been a featured guest on TV segments for outlets and shows including NBC, CBS, Live from the Couch, Good Day Philadelphia, Insiders Health TV and Huffington Post Live. She’s also been a guest on over 50 radio shows and has hosted her own live weekly radio show.

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