Real Fit Podcast: Ep 37| Emma Kertesz, sub-elite distance runner, podcaster, and writer: “I can be anyone I want to be.”

In  this episode,  I interview two-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier and author of “The Boy Behind the Door,” Emma Kertesz. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband Noah Droddy and their two elderly rescue dogs. Emma is a self-proclaimed “serious hobbyist” who trains with Boulder Underground and is coached by Evan Schwartz and Matt Hensley. When she’s not running, working, or recording her podcast, you can find her taking a three-hour nap every Saturday after the long run.

In our interview, she shares how she went through the painful process of redefining her relationship with distance running — and her identity — when she stepped back from the sport.

We also discuss her book, “The Boy Behind the Door,” the role intergenerational trauma played (and still plays) in her life, her bipolar diagnosis and what helps her manage it (including lots of discussion around ketamine therapy), what the media tends to get wrong about bipolar, her creative process as a writer and podcaster, her Native American heritage, and so much more.

Real Fit is a women’s fitness podcast, where you can hear deep, soulful (and funny) conversations between author, journalist, and intuitive eating coach Pam Moore and women athletes who inspire her. Find all the episodes of the Real Fit podcast here.

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IG: @em_kertesz
Twitter: @em_kertesz

Trigger warning: suicidal thoughts, alcoholism

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