Real Fit Podcast Ep. 42| Taneika Duhaney, gravel cyclist, runner, and mother of two: Managing autoimmune disorder—“give yourself grace and give yourself time”

Guest Bio

Taneika is a gravel cyclist, runner, mother of two, active-duty sailor, and freelance writer living with a medical condition called myasthenia gravis. She’s a member of the elite women’s gravel team Velocio//Exploro. Committed to being the change she wants to see in outdoor spaces, Taneika toes the line at as many gravel races as she can and is creating a gravel scholarship to reduce the barrier to entry for female-identifying athletes of color. 

Connect with Taneika

Facebook: Taneika Duhaney
Twitter: @msadventurer1
Instagram: @msadventurer1
LinkedIn: Taneika Duhaney

In this episode, we talked about…

  • Gifting herself a Peloton bike  
  • Being diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis 
  • Getting the myasthenia gravis diagnosis and how she’s managed to thrive in spite of it
  • Why her parents didn’t allow her to participate in sports as a kid
  • Grieving the loss of her pre-diagnosis self   
  • Finishing the Marine Corps Marathon after receiving the myasthenia gravis diagnosis
  • Transitioning from road to gravel 
  • Working with an occupational therapist to ride sustainably
  • Showing up as the only female Black cyclist at her first gravel race 
  • What it means for communities and businesses to truly embrace diversity and inclusion 
  • What giving herself grace looks like 
  • Redefining success 


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Getting it in Cyclists  
Fall Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC
Dirty Kitten Gravel race
Unbound Gravel race
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Girls Gone Gravel Festival 
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