Real Fit Podcast Ep 49: Hillary Allen, ultra-endurance athlete on recovering from trauma after a near-fatal accident: “I didn’t know who I was.”

Content warning: eating disorders, trauma 

If you need a huge dose of inspiration, this episode is for you. Our guest, ultra runner and gravel cyclist Hillary Allen, best known for her incredible comeback after the near-fatal accident she survived during an endurance race in Norway, is the definition of resilience.

Hillary is a Boulder-based ultra-endurance athlete who races for both the Brooks running team the Pinarello gravel bike team. She’s also a scientist with a Master’s degree in neuroscience and physiology, a running coach, and the author of Out and Back, a memoir chronicling her incredible story of recovery and resilience. 

Hillary was at the pinnacle of her running career, when, while competing in 2017 a sky race in Norway, when one misstep almost cost her life. She fell 150 feet off of a ridge when and had to be airlifted out with a long list of injuries. 

Doctors said she would never run again. Not only is she running again, she’s crushing it. With strength training and gravel cycling in her repertoire, she recently complete her first 100-miler at the UTMB, where she placed third American.

In this interview she shares how she got into trail running, her eating disorder recovery, what motivated her through her arduous rehab process, how she manages strength training, running, and cycling, how her creative process helps with her mental health, how she keeps perfectionism at bay, why she wrote her memoir Out and Back, what community means to her, how she healed from trauma, and so much more. 

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