The Great Salad Debacle of 2008

Way before I even knew what intuitive eating was, back when I was practicing occupational therapy I had a fabulous boss/mentor. Before taking me under her wing, she invited me to her home for dinner. I’d already made it very clear that I wanted to work for her, but she still wasn’t sold on hiring me. 

This dinner was my chance to show her I was the occupational therapist she didn’t know she needed. (She wasn’t officially hiring at the time, but I was hell-bent on working in her clinic because she was doing things no one else within a 500+ mile radius was. Patients came to our Denver clinic from as far as Montana, New Mexico, and Chicago).  

I needed to nail this dinner. 

When she passed me my salad bowl, filled with fresh veggies from her garden, I dug in. It was delightful and I told her so. She thanked me. Then she said nine words I’llI never forget. 

“That salad was supposed to be for both us.” 

I wanted to vomit. I wanted to flee. I wanted to melt into my chair. Instead, I removed my fork from the bowl, passed it back to her, turned bright red and apologized profusely. 

In my defense, the salad bowl was on the small side. It did not look like any serving dish I’d ever seen. It never even occurred to me to scan the table to make sure there was one for each of us. 

What I’m saying is, I didn’t take the time to question my assumption. 

I share this story not to tell you I got the job despite The Great Salad Debacle of 2008 (which I did) or to reassure you that one day we laughed about it (in fact, we never spoke of it again). 

I share it because it shows how easy it is to think our thoughts are true— and how those untrue thoughts can fail to serve us, whether we’re talking about a job interview, or you know, your life. 

Have you ever paid attention to the thoughts live in your head rent-free? 

If I had more discipline, I’d have the body I always wanted. 

Carbs are bad. 

Salads are good. 

No one needs to see my cellulite. 

I’d be happier in a smaller body

When’s the last time you asked yourself… 

Are your thoughts serving you? 

Are they even true?

What if they weren’t? Where else could you put your precious time and energy? 

Those are the kinds of questions we’ll be exploring on Saturday, May 6th at RECLAIM: A one-day retreat for women who want to make peace with food.

I hope you’ll join us. 

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