Real Fit Podcast Ep. 58| The life-saving magic of embodiment with Alison Rothman

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TW: trauma, gun violence, eating disorders, addiction 

I’m so excited to bring you a conversation with Body-Centered Holistic Empowerment Coach and yoga practitioner Alison Rothman.  Alison is a fellow Boulderite and podcaster- her show is called Embodied and Awake, and she’s also the mom of a teenage boy. 

Through healing from her her experiences with trauma, addiction, and an eating disorder, she learned to reconnect with her true self and has since made it her mission to share the tools she used in her own healing journey to help others in her practice. 

In this episode, she shares her story and how, after decades of being disconnected from herself, a practice of embodiment led her back to herself and how that has literally saved her life and her sanity over and over again. She shares what it means to be embodied, why it matters, and how you can start becoming more embodied right now.

If you know me at all you know I’m passionate about intuitive eating and one of the reasons why is that every time we restrict our food or deny our appetites we are essentially training ourselves to disconnect from our true selves. But our true self is where all our power is. It’s the home of our, emotions, our authentic voice and our intuition, and we NEED to honor it in order to live a life that’s aligned with our values and to fully express our gifts. 

Connect with Alison

  • Website:
  • Podcast: Embodied and Awake
  • Instagram: @embody_life
  • Special limited-time offering ***September 2023**** // Awakening in Midlife (virtual and in-person) opportunity for Midlife Women between the ages of 40 and 55 to experience a potent combination of therapeutic group process and 1:1 work to honor this passage of our lives. 


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