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As an occupational therapist-turned-award-winning health and fitness journalist, certified intuitive eating counselor, certified personal trainer, two-time Ironman finisher, and six-time marathoner with bylines in outlets including The Washington Post, SELF, Runner’s World, The Guardian, Time, Outside, and Forbes, I’m dedicated to helping women free themselves find food freedom.
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As someone who already spends too much time clearing her email inbox, I’m always reluctant to sign up for another newsletter. However, Pam’s insights add value to my life and make me feel grateful to be part of her community.

I’m a writer and yoga teacher who has spent almost a decade teaching online and across studios. At the same time, I’ve been on my own journey to get free from diet culture and unlearn the cult of “wellness.” Pam’s voice is unique in this space because she comes from an athletic background, so her message sits at this potent intersection of actual health and well-being along with fitness, which is rare to find. 

Thank you Pam for bringing the most meaningful parts of my life, intuitive eating/movement, and writing to life with your intentional content.

Babette Dunkelgrun, yoga teacher, writer, and writing coach   

Of all the newsletters I receive, Pam’s is on the shortlist of newsletters I consistently open. I love how her personality comes through, and how it’s not just about her — every issue shares relevant anti-diet content I can use in my own life. And because it’s brief, funny, and easily digestible, I always read it through to the end. 

One of my favorite aspects is the “If you have X amount of time” feature, which has something to offer for even the busiest readers.

Sarah Protzman Howlett, freelance writer and editor

I receive SO many newsletters, especially in the health and wellness space. I am very picky when adding another to the queue. But, once I dug into Pam’s content … all my hesitations fell away. I knew I needed to receive this information! 

Not only does Pam’s newsletter provide amazing content, but more importantly, her poignant writing and storytelling always make me stop and think. She shares personal stories with vulnerability and honesty that make me feel seen and understood.

Shannon Fable, Boulder, CO, Health and Wellness Business Consultant