1| Impostor Syndrome: How Women Can Push Through Fear and Be Their Best Selves
If you’ve ever experienced self-doubt upon leaving your comfort zone (or even thinking about a big leap), you’re not alone.  Research shows that 70% of people, men and women alike, experience Impostor Syndrome at some point. Yet it tends to be more limiting for women than men. In this training, you’ll learn why—and so much more.

This training is for anyone who feels fear is standing between her and her best self.

Participants will:
-Learn to identify Impostor Syndrome
-Understand how to use fear to your advantage
-Discover simple yet powerful strategies to manage your Impostor Syndrome
-Leave ready to act on your dreams and goals NOW.

2| Ready, Set, Goals: Lessons From an Endurance Athlete on How Women Can Cross Any Finish Line
If you have a finish line in mind but you’re not sure how to cross it, this training is for you. Maybe you know you can be more, but you’re not sure exactly what “more” looks like. Or you can see your goal perfectly, but when you think about how you’re going achieve it, overwhelm nudges you back into your comfort zone.

Wherever you are in your goal setting process, this training will equip you with all the tools you need to reach your finish line, whether it’s professional, personal, or athletic.

Participants will:
-Understand the power of goals
-Learn how to choose the right goal
-Gain strategies to manage the fear that so often comes with change
-Identify the essential elements of a plan for success you can start TODAY.

3| Custom Topic
If there’s another topic you’d like to dive into, talk to Pam about custom training.

About Pam 

Pam Moore

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Pam Moore is an award-winning writer, trainer, and speaker in Boulder, Colorado. Using her experience as an occupational therapist, Ironman triathlete, and marathoner, she helps women push through fear to become their best selves. The author of There’s No Room for Fear in a Burley Trailer, her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Runner’s World, and many others.


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