Weight-Neutral Health Coaching

Are you ready to embrace a movement practice that feels like a celebration instead of an obligation?

Do you want to change your relationship with food and your body for good?

I can help.

Do you…

-feel like you’re at war with your body?

-use exercise to “earn” food you’re going to eat or to compensate for food you’ve already consumed?

-stress about meals out, birthday parties, family gatherings, holidays, potlucks, vacations, and any other time you can’t control the menu?

-beat yourself up when your workout doesn’t go well or you don’t get the result you wanted in a race?

-feel guilty when you skip a workout—even when you feel tired or sick?

-make food choices based on what you think you “should” eat?

-go days or weeks being “good” before you binge and start the whole cycle over again?

-find that a number on the scale can determine your mood for the whole day?

I’ve got you.

In case we haven’t met, I’m Pam Moore, MS OTR/L, CPT and I’ve been there. Like, right in that exact, shitty, anxiety-filled place. I’m also an occupational therapist, ACE-certified personal trainer, two time-Ironman finisher, six-time marathoner, author, speaker, and freelance women’s health and fitness writer with bylines in The Washington Post, SELF, Time, The Guardian, Runner’s World, Outside, and many others.

I’m on a mission to help badass women like you stop wasting your precious energy on the quest to shrink your body. You were made to do amazing things and your obsession with food, exercise, and body image is a huge distraction. Together we can clear that mental clutter and turbocharge your path to being your best self.

Imagine this…

You exercise because it feels good—not as punishment or from a place of self-loathing or obligation.

Your workouts (or walks or dance classes or yoga sessions) leave you feeling energized, not exhausted.

You are fully present with your friends and family whenever you share a meal—not preoccupied by thoughts about food and your body.

You give yourself full permission to enjoy all foods—without guilt or shame.

I promise you, it is possible.

I know because I’ve experienced it. The crazy thing is, once I stopped obsessing about the food I should eat and the workouts I should do and started tuning into what kind of movement and food my body needed, I started to see profound shifts in the rest of my life, too. Clearing out the anxiety and self-judgment made space for me to tune into what felt right in the rest of my life and helped me accomplish professional wins I’d never even imagined. (I’m talking tripling my income in less than one year and landing bylines in my dream publications.) It’s also made me a lot more fun to be around. (Seriously, you can ask my husband.)

I want this for you, too.

Let’s face it. Intentional weight loss does not work for the vast majority of people. Worse, as many as two-thirds of people will gain back any weight they lost on a diet, and then some. If you are ready to say no to the uphill battle of shrinking your body and say yes to improving your relationship with your body for good, we need to talk.

My philosophy is rooted in the principles of Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size, and my approach is tailored to meet you wherever you are in your journey.

I offer 1:1 personalized coaching that will help you renegotiate your relationship with food, exercise, and your body so you can start living a life you LOVE.

What you’ll get

-Personalized coaching that’s as unique as you are. Over eight 45-minute Zoom sessions scheduled over two to three months, and we’ll explore the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, what it would look like to live a big, badass life without the mental shackles of “food anxiety hell,” and exactly how to get you there.

-New ways of thinking about movement, food, and your body, that you can start implementing immediately.

-Assignments to complete on your own that will help you dismantle the beliefs and behaviors that have kept you stuck up until now.

*If you have an active eating disorder, my coaching services would not be a fit.

-$125/session with payment due upon booking

Have questions? Wondering if we’d be a good fit? Email me at pam@pam-moore.com with questions or to schedule a free 30-minute consult.

One client said…

I love working with Pam! She listens deeply and challenges me kindly. There’s nothing I can bring to her that she can’t help me hold.

Through her support, modeling, and patience, we co-created some experiments to help me learn to listen to my body and my spirit, something I didn’t really imagine was possible. I’ve installed a new voice in my brain that coaches me to show up for myself according to what really matters to me, and to really value Joy in my life.

With Pam’s unwavering support, 2020 was a Year of Joyful Movement for me. Pam is relatable, thoughtful, flexible, and experienced. You can tell she’s done/doing her work so she can show up for her clients.

Sarah D. 

Curious about what it would be like to work together?

Schedule a free, no-pressure phone call now.

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