Real Fit Podcast

The Real Fit podcast features candid conversations with women athletes on topics including body image, enoughness, and so much more. In a world that's hell-bent on telling women we're not thin enough, fast enough, strong enough, or successful enough, I'm here to tell you you're already enough. My goal is to share stories that inspire … Continue reading Real Fit Podcast

Workout Wednesday | Diastasis Recti: What is it? (Part 1)

*disclaimer: I’m not a physician or a medical professional with specific training in pelvic floor and women’s health. Do not begin a postpartum exercise program before consulting with a physical or occupational therapist with advanced skills in pelvic floor therapy and women’s health. “That’s not really a thing. It sounds like maybe it’s just, like, … Continue reading Workout Wednesday | Diastasis Recti: What is it? (Part 1)