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Below is a selection of some of my work.

Schools Are Teaching Empathy and Self-Control; It  Helps at Home, Too (Washington Post)

Rewards Don’t Work—Here’s What Does (Motherly)

The One Thing Parents Can Do To Make Mornings Smoother, According to Science (Motherly)

5 Ways to Create Intimacy Without Taking Your Clothes Off (Motherly)

The Secret “=Formula” for a Happy Relationship (Motherly)

My Husband is the Man I Didn’t Know I Needed (Your Tango)

Personal Essay
I Hate Sports. But My Daughters Love Red Sox Nation and I Couldn’t be Happier About it (The Washington Post)

Twelve Truths About My Life with Bell’s Palsy (Longreads, winner Colorado Author’s League Award for Best Essay of 2018)

You Get What You Get (Motherly)

Face Value (Mamalode)

Health and Fitness
What CrossFitters Wish Runners Knew (Colorado Runner Magazine)

Off to a Running Start: Five Tips New Runners Need to Know (Colorado Runner Magazine) 

Top Ten Reasons to Love the Treadmill (Colorado Runner Magazine)

At Women’s Wilderness Camp, Sisterhood is Medicine (Boulder Weekly)

e-Go Car Share: Driving Community, Sustainability, and Creativity (Boulder Weekly)

What It’s Like to Parent From Behind Bars (Motherly)

How Finding a Babysitter is Like Dating (Scary Mommy)

8 Questions Smart Parents Never Ask Their Kids (Motherly)

17 Things Parents of Allergic Kids Think are Normal (Scary Mommy)

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