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I am an occupational therapist turned freelance writer and speaker. Even though I was picked last for every team growing up—or perhaps because of it—I have completed two Ironman triathlons and six marathons. And after a mid-life career change, my writing has been featured in top publications. The best advice I ever got was, “If it scares you, you should probably do it.”

My engaging, approachable style will leave your audience inspired, energized, and ready to take action.

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Impostor Syndrome: Learn to Crush it and Start Living Your Best Life Today

Think You’re Not An Athlete? Think Again: What Every Woman Needs to Know

Everything I Needed to Know about Life I Learned From Sport

Three Conversations to Have with Your Kids Before Someone Else Does

The Secret Formula for a Happy Marriage

Mom Needs to Write: How to Find the time, Create the Space, and Fill your Notebook

There's No Room for Fear in a Burley TrailerLooking for a humorous, light read for your next book club? Order copies of my book, There’s No Room For Fear in a Burley Trailer. This collection of stories chronicles my misadventures on her journey from amateur triathlete to rookie mom. It will have you laughing, crying, and contemplating whether to keep your bangs or let them grow out. I would love to share a glass of wine or a cup of tea with you at book club, whether in your living room or via Skype.

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“Pam Moore can captivate an audience like it’s her full time job! From memoir-style narratives to educational presentations, Pam’s brilliance shines as she speaks with an uncanny sense of humor. She can articulate any topic in a conversational manner, leaving audiences full with laughter and practical tips to take home.”
—Dr. Jenni Skyler, sex therapist and educator

“Pam Moore is a gifted public speaker. Attending her 2016 University of Denver Women’s Conference presentation on Imposter Syndrome was as engaging as it was instructive. From being able to recognize how Impostor Syndrome can creep into your life to being able to learn about tools with which to combat it, all were drawn in. Not only were we left equipped to better do our personal work we had small break out to already make actionable steps before the presentation was over. Impressive and dynamic techniques.”
—Natalie, professor, consultant and coach 

“Pam delivered an informative yet funny talk at the University of Denver Women’s Conference. Her explanation of ‘imposter syndrome’ and the way in which it effects women in the workplace and at home was not only fascinating but also very relevant. She took academic concepts and boiled them down into easily-understandable bits. Pam is a hilarious speaker and has great energy. I would definitely seek her out again.” —Liza

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