Pam is an amazing listener, creative and thoughtful in her approach, and patient enough to accept that the path to a healthier relationship to food is not a straight-line, hurry-up endeavor. Pam is not at all wed to one way to work – including the fact that she was willing to let me bring my husband into our conversations where need be. She has been there herself without burdening you with that fact. It’s like having an experienced mentor who wants you to succeed, on your own terms and in your own way. Without hesitation. If there was a rating system for coaches, therapists, etc. Pam would be off the charts.
—Susanne B. , coaching client

I love working with Pam! She listens deeply and challenges me kindly. There’s nothing I can bring to her that she can’t help me hold. Through her support, modeling, and patience, we co-created some experiments to help me learn to listen to my body and my spirit, something I didn’t really imagine was possible. I’ve installed a new voice in my brain that coaches me to show up for myself according to what really matters to me, and to really value Joy in my life. With Pam’s unwavering support, 2020 was a Year of Joyful Movement for me. Pam is relatable, thoughtful, flexible, and experienced. You can tell she’s done/doing her work so she can show up for her clients.
–Sarah D. , coaching client

I was initially hesitant to invest the time and money into a retreat like this but I’m so glad I did. My favorite part was the chance to take some quality quiet reflecting time with the different prompts. I also appreciated the chance to discuss my relationship with food and my body among a supportive group; it was comforting to know I’m not the only one dealing with these issues and coming away with a few tools I can use when I encounter thought patterns that don’t serve me. Pam also did a great job of very quickly creating a feeling of community among strangers. 
—Regan K. , client and retreat participant

This retreat because it was a big chunk of the weekend and the cost was not de minimis, however, it was worth taking six hours out of my life to really focus on my relationship with my body. The experience offered a great balance of introspection and community. We had the time to reflect on our own experiences, thoughts, and emotions and then share in a welcoming group environment. I left with specific takeaways in the form of journal entries that I can utilize and build on as I continue examining my relationship with food and my body.
— Stephanie G. , retreat participant

I struggle with being open about my issues with food. I’d never spoken about them in a group setting before, so I was nervous — but the environment was extremely open and accepting. Pam did a wonderful job creating an environment in which we were able to understand the concept and apply it to our daily approach to food.
—Kate K. , retreat participant