Mission Accountable: Day 2

Picking up where I left off… Last night after we put Sweet Pea down (why is it what when you put a pet down, you are obviously never going to see them again and when you put a baby down, it just means they are down in their crib for the night? Or 3:30 am, depending on the situation),  I had a quick snack and then headed to the gym. There, I spent ten minutes on the rowing machine to warm up, then I did a bunch of stuff on the TRX, plus some free weights (forward and backward lunges), some stuff with the kettlebell and the step blocks (don’t ask me to be any more specific… I’ve had a few glasses of wine but I was serious when I said I was committing to a daily blog post, so this is the level of detail you’re getting and no more). Then some core work on the Roman chair which hurts so good.

After, I hit the dry sauna, which was a little crazy for me, as I normally enjoy the wet sauna. (I use the term “crazy” loosely). I then spent about 5 minutes in the hot tub. Perhaps it doesn’t really bear mentioning as it doesn’t exactly relate to my half marathon training, but the hot tub was a highlight of my day.

Today, I ran for about an hour with Sweet Pea in the BOB stroller after work.  It was supposed to be an easy 40 minute run but let’s face it, nothing’s easy when you’re running with the baby in the jogging stroller. Also, it turns out I grossly miscalculated the distance of my house to Whole Foods, where I ran to pick up a challah. (It seems so much closer in the car!) Then I stopped at the adjacent liquor store, where I found a bottle of Malbec Rose on sale, and even though the last bottle of Rose we bought was nasty, I wanted to give Rose another chance, because it’s so pretty  and it looks like it would taste so refreshing, so I bought that too. My BOB has a console with two drink holders, which was perfect for my two bottles of wine. Of course, they only made the run harder, but it was nice not to have to make a separate trip for wine. And by that I mean it was nice not to have to text Dan and ask him to please pick up some wine on the way home.

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