My First Radio Interview

Long time, no post, I know… Sorry! We had my parents in town and then birthday festivities for Sweet Pea’s first, and also I was busy with fame and stuff. Yeah, FAME. Well, fame-ish. My Listen To Your Mother co-producer and I were interviewed on KGNU, a local independent community radio station, about the show.

What happened was, we sent a press release to about a thousand local media outlets. Media outlets = fancy way of saying radio and television stations. Let’s back up. First we wrote a press release. And before that we learned what a press release is and what one might say. So we got that in order, checked it, double checked it, and sent it. We did not have time to follow up with every single station, but I had a feeling that KGNU would be very receptive so I called and bugged them over and over until I finally got in touch with the right person. (PS if you’re not getting want you want and you haven’t tried the annoying approach, it might be worth a shot. I’ve gotten a job, at least a couple of Listen To Your Mother sponsors using this tactic). Once that happened, within hours we set up the interview. We chose to tape the interview in advance instead of being live on the air. It seemed less scary.

In fact, it wasn’t scary at all. The radio host came out to meet us in the waiting area. She was very welcoming and she was rocking the most adorable baby bump maybe ever. Do you know those girls who are tall and thin and then they have this adorable basketball-type bump when they are pregnant, and somehow pull off trendy yet understated maternity wear, kind of like this? Well, she looked like that. She made us feel right at home. The studio looked like what I might have expected, based on what I’ve seen on tv. Each of us had our own microphone and the host asked us a lot of the questions we had anticipated. So that was Thursday afternoon.

On Tuesday morning, it aired during the Morning Magazine show at about 8:15. I started getting nervous at about 7:57. As soon as our segment started, I called Dan into the kitchen and we stood there, listening, staring at the radio. Was this what it was like in the 1940’s? When it was over, I immediately called my co-producer and we high fived through the phone. I’m sure there’s an app for that but we don’t have it.

If you want to listen, here is the clip. We talk at 16:40.

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  1. Stephanie Sprenger says:

    Yay for you! You rock! Can’t wait to listen to the clip now, famous lady! Oh by the way, if you find the app for the virtual high five, let me know. I will SO high five you over the phone. 😉

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