Why I never bothered to research the preschool curriculum

Many parents spend hours researching the best preschool for their children. Not me. It’s not that I don’t care about my little angels. Like all parents, my greatest desire is for my kids to be happy (and for them to sleep through the night). But for my eldest- an outgoing kid without any developmental issues- choosing a preschool was as simple as taking a quick look at two options and, after a ten-minute chat with my husband, choosing the closer, cheaper option. And while I’m sure that details like educational philosophy and curriculum content matter, when making a preschool decision, I couldn’t be bothered to worry about them. Here’s why.

1) It’s only preschool
I don’t care if preschool teaches reading, as long as it familiarizes the kids with the letters of the alphabet and exposes them to the joy of reading. Similarly, I want the teachers to put numbers in context by counting kids in the room and crayons on the table, but I have no expectation that they teach addition or subtraction. Young children (and adults) learn best when they are actively engaged in the subject, and play is what engages children.  [click here to read more on Parent.co]

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