If I could type and nurse simultaneously I would update this blog more often!

Day 27: Saturday April 27th
I ran for 45 minutes. I had just nursed Sweet Pea so I didn’t pump. She is nearly three months old and we are getting to point where (knock on wood!) she typically wants to nurse every 90 minutes to two hours. It seems like the only time she wants to nurse more frequently is in the evening before she goes to bed, which tends to be between 10 and 11:30. Up to last week or so, I would not have felt comfortable leaving for even 30 minutes without there being a bottle ready for her because she was unpredictable in how long she would go between feedings. I am very thankful for some measure of predictability in her schedule, now.

The run felt pretty good. Originally my plan had been to just run but at the 12 minute mark, I decided that after a 15 minute warm-up, I would do a workout, which was: 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy, a minute hard/a minute easy, 1:30 hard/1:30 easy, 2 minutes hard/2 minutes easy, and then back down the ladder. I ran for a total of 47 minutes and it felt good to add in the intervals. I have no idea what my speed was and although I am quite sure it wasn’t fast, it felt hard.

Day 28: Sunday, April 28th
My sister-in-law was staying with us, so she and I got up early to run together. Sweet Pea cooperated beautifully, as she woke up around 6ish to nurse, which allowed us to get out the door just past 7am. We went at a comfortable pace for 52 minutes, my longest post-partum run!

Day 29: Monday, April 30th
30 minute run, abs, pushups while my parents watched Sweet Pea.

Day 30: Tuesday May 1st
Day off

Day 31: Wednesday May 2nd
With Sweet Pea in the care of my parents, who were visiting, right after I nursed her at 11am, I headed out for a mostly easy 50 minute bike ride.

Day 32: Thursday May 3rd
I ran for 56 minutes with the BOB. Although it still feels awkward, it felt marginally better than last time, if only because I am getting used to it. I did an out and back loop at about 7pm, which was nice because it was cooling off, and we’d had a high of about 80 during the day. Although I could have left Sweet Pea with Dan, it was nice (for him) to me to take her and let him have the house to himself for an hour. I did an out and back. I turned around at the 28 minute mark. The way back is uphill, but to make the time go faster, and to motivate me not to walk, I broke it up into 2 minute segments, where I would go hard for 2 minutes, then easy for 2 minutes. My hips have been feeling sore after I run but I woke up this morning with zero soreness!

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