Mission Accountable Day 17: Quick treadmill run and my neighbor’s cat tried to hitch a ride

I got in a quick 3.75 mile run on the treadmill after work while Sweet Pea was napping. I would have liked to get in 5 miles (and for her to have slept a little longer) but it was what it was. It was enough time to finish an episode of Mad Men, watch about four minutes of “Say Yes to the Dress,” which I had to stop because I just couldn’t stand the dramatic music and the made up tension, and a bit of a Weeds episode.

My real cardio workout was early this morning, however, on my way to work. I started my car and I heard a jangling sound, which I decided to ignore. Then I heard a meowing sound, but figured it was background noise from a voicemail that I was listening to on my cel phone. It was when I saw a pair of eyes staring at me in the rearview mirror that I started shrieking like a little girl. I jumped out of the car and opened the rear passenger door, yelling at the gray striped cat, “Get!” He stayed, perched just behind the rear passenger seats, staring at me, as I got more and more hysterical. “Get! Get out!! GO NOW!!” Finally, he scampered off. Unexpectedly finding a neighbor’s cat in my car would not be my preferred way of raising my heart rate, but it at least required no effort on my part.

Dan emailed the neighbor to let him know his cat had been hanging out in my Jetta (whether he got in last night and camped out or just snuck in the morning, I don’t know), and asked if he was safe around cars. To which our neighbor replied, “As long as he doesn’t have the keys.” Ha.

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