Day 31: Rest day for an old lady

Today was a rest day. I usually take a day off from working out when I am especially busy and would rather not do time management gymnastics to try and fit in a run. Today was no exception. I went to the second day of the Colorado Occupational Therapy Association conference, which, as usual, was great for networking, catching up with old friends, and re-charging my professional batteries, so to speak.

There were a lot of good talks, on topics including the biomechanics of the shoulder, childhood trauma, spinal cord injury, and brain injury. However, the most memorable moment of the conference would have to be after one of the sessions, as we sat in the conference room. I siting next to my former faculty advisor from when I was an occupational therapy student at the University of North Carolina, when I was 22 years old, who is now the chair of Colorado State University’s occupational therapy department. I was about to get up to ask the presenter a couple of questions when the professor turned to me. “You know…” she started. I leaned in, eager for her to share her insight, as she is truly one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever known, and I always look forward to reconnecting with her at events like this. She continued, “Sitting right next to you, I noticed you have two gray hairs!!” and then she laughed and laughed.  

On another note entirely, for dinner, Dan and I had a flight of soup. That’s my fancy way of saying we re-heated two different kinds of leftover soup and served them in ramekins. I took a picture not because they are so pretty (I have a lot of respect for food bloggers who take amazing pictures of food because that takes a lot of skill!), but because Dan says my blog needs more pictures. So here you go.

Sorry, I’m not going to show you a picture of my two infamous gray hairs. But I will tell you a secret. I have a lot more than two.

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