Our trip to Hawaii…

…was amazing! I’ve run into people lately who are like “We haven’t taken any vacations since we had kids.” I guess I can see why one might not jump at the chance to take a vacation with travel-mates who poop in their pants, yell obnoxiously on airplanes, and pass out at 6:30pm only to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, screaming like, “Where’s the party at!?”

Despite going with a high maintenance travel companion, there are many reasons to vacation. I feel I can speak to this especially well right now because I was talked at about all the benefits of vacation by a Hilton time share sales associate for over two hours during our trip. I think he was trying to “create a connection” with us by making a huge deal out of how much Sweet Pea liked him. I didn’t have the heart to tell him she waves and smiles at everyone, and acts especially flirty around men.  Seriously, I get nervous that she would go off with anyone and forget I even exist, especially if the stranger was carrying deli turkey. But I digress. Part of the deal with our hotel and rental car was we had to endure the sales pitch for 90 minutes. My only regret about our trip was that I didn’t look at my watch after an hour and a half and let him know his time was up.

So, people go on vacation to rest, relax, unplug, and spend time with their families without the distractions of work, chores, and other responsibilities. They may also endeavor to see new places, experience nature, catch some rays, get a tan, and catch up on reading. If occupational therapy doesn’t work out for me maybe I could go to work selling time shares for Hilton resorts…

We got to experience all those things, despite bringing our 11 month old baby. The day we arrived in Kona, we stopped at Target for essentials, like diapers, baby food, and wine. We also thought to pick up two kind of classy acrylic stemless wine glasses. Classy compared to the water glasses you get in a hotel room, anyway. Just because Sweet Pea would crash by 7pm didn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy a drink on the lanai.

And as far as the hotel room itself- it was sizeable, including a roomy closet, where we strategically placed Sweet Pea’s crib. She’s not even a year old and that lucky baby has slept in closets in some of the finest vacation destinations in the world; Vail this spring, Aspen this fall, and now Kona. Having her in the closet allowed us a bit of privacy.

Overall, having her with us really didn’t cramp our style too bad. Of course, she was up and ready to go at about 4:30am for the first half of the week, because the jet lag had her feeling like it was 7:30am. The upside of this was that we were able to get up and out the door for a day trip by 7am like ain’t no thing. Of course by 9:30am, we were asking each other, “Is it lunch yet??”

Sweet Pea’s naps were spent in the car when we did a day trip, or else she might nap in her Grand Closet while one of us worked out and the other stayed in the room and read or take a nap as well.

Her early bedtimes meant we either ate early or got take-out or room service. One night we hired a sitter, so we went out to a fancy dinner at Brown’s Beach House, which was heavenly.

Here are some photos to describe the rest of the trip…

Volcanoes National Park

Pololo Valley. The hike down to this rocky beach on one side and a rainforest valley on the other was my favorite part of the trip.
What is there to even say about baby feet on beach rocks.

At the Hilo Farmers Market. More coconut got on her face than in her mouth.

Um, Blue Steel?

Greenwell’s Coffee Farm

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  1. Stephanie Sprenger says:

    Hey there Vampire friend! 😉 Those photos are beautiful, especially the first one with your little sweetie’s big smile! I personally am a huge fan of vacations, even with kids, and traveling during their first year is actually a great idea. We took a big trip to Disney World when Sophie was just six months (big sis was five) and it was wildly successful. On the other hand, I am also a big fan of parents taking vacations WITHOUT their kids if it is at all possible. My hubby and I are going on a child-free excursion in 2 days! Just three nights, but still, it will be so nice! We are in the middle of my least favorite age stretch for kid travel- a year and a half. I know from experience that it will get easier again! Glad you guys have gotten so much traveling in with you little one- good for you! Vacations are such good mental health…

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