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Today I am guest posting at Scary Mommy. I discovered Scary Mommy in the Styles section of the New York Times (aka the only section I read most Sundays, because hello, Modern Love!?). This was several years ago, before I was even thinking about getting pregnant. The article profiled several big-time mom bloggers and how their blogs launched career paths.  Although I checked out each of the featured blogs, Scary Mommy was the only one that I returned to regularly.

Once I discovered this hilarious, awesome, sometimes snarky blog, I was totally inspired. To have a baby. Obviously motherhood was the missing piece, the only thing standing between my measly 30 page views a day and one of my posts going viral.  

So, I am thrilled to be featured on Scary Mommy. Here is a snippet of the post.

Do’s and Don’ts: The New Mom’s Guide to a Less Crappy Return to Work

#1: Don’t show pictures of the baby to all your coworkers. They might inquire, “How’s the baby?” Before you whip out your smartphone, try and remember your pre-baby life. While you keep from weeping for the days of happy hour cocktails and dry clean only clothing, think back to how it felt to feign interest in the children of your friends and co-workers… Don’t be that person. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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