OMG You Guys, I’m on Mamalode!!!

Happy Friday! Speaking of happy, I’m totally doing the happy dance right now because I am featured on Mamalode today! In case you don’t know, Mamalode is an online magazine that publishes amazing content on modern motherhood. Seriously, I’ve never read anything there that I didn’t love. So I am thoroughly thrilled the be part of it.

Here is an excerpt from my post:

Inevitably my eighteen-month old daughter will fall at the park. I will not try to catch her.

On a typical day, my daughter will ingratiate herself with the kids whose mothers thought to bring brightly colored shovels and Fisher Price dump trucks to the park.  I will come over and ask if my daughter can please borrow their toys. Their mother will chirp, “Of course!” She will then turn to her brood. “We’re sharing our toys with the baby!”

I will retreat to my post. I will watch vigilantly for signs that my daughter is about to put a pile of gravel into her mouth or launch a handful of the tiny rocks airborne. I will watch as she explores the playground. And I will watch her take a tumble, the other mother jumping to her rescue before she’s even landed.  (Click here to continue reading)


4 thoughts on “OMG You Guys, I’m on Mamalode!!!

  1. Cammie says:

    Just wait until you have another…you’ll get even better at being the mom you want to be. Fantastic writing!

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