Listen Up!

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Sarah Bagley‘s podcast this week. Her blog is dedicated her struggle to live a B+ life, or working on abandoning her perfectionist tendencies. Despite the fact that I am not naturally a perfectionist, I do struggle with trying to do too many things all the time.. Sarah and I discussed that, along with lots of other things we have in common, such as the Listen To Your Mother Show (she was in the Baltimore cast last year and I’m co-producing Boulder’s show for the third year in a row!), having two kids, balancing work and family, and lots more. You can listen here.

2 thoughts on “Listen Up!

  1. Julia Arnold @ Frantic Mama says:

    Ok, now I really need to listen to a podcast! Ha! I must be the last writer in the blogosphere who hasn’t listened to one…
    Congratulations on co-producing the LTYM show [3 years running]! That’s amazing. I auditioned last year, but it wasn’t a go. I’m not sure if I will try again this year, mostly out of stage fright tendencies!
    Living a B+ life– this semi-perfectionist likes the sound of that :).

    • Pam says:

      You know what is funny? I thought podcasts were this big intimidating thing I could never figure out… Until I listened to one. If you can use a computer, you can download a podcast. Now that I have seen the light, I LOVE podcasts!! I listen in the car on Bluetooth, and after the kids go to bed on my phone with earbuds while folding laundry and doing dishes. I also downloaded a bunch of them (mostly cool interviews on NPR) for a flight, because I was going to have the baby in my lap and I knew if she fell asleep there would be no way for me to hold a book or magazine. There is SOOO much great, free content available!! Don’t give up on LTYM!! Stage fright just means that you care about doing a great job. The audience experiences your stage fright as that magical feeling of being at a live show.

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