The Seven Best Things I Discovered on the Web in 2014

I feel kind of Christopher Columbus-y saying I “discovered” these things, as if I was the first to unearth them. Of course I wasn’t. But in case you haven’t discovered them yet, I thought it would be rude not to share.

In no particular order, here are some of the best things I discovered on the web in 2014.

1)Homemade solution for cloth diaper wipes
I found this idea on Pinterest. In a totally out of character move, I tried the first thing I saw, as opposed to scrolling around and looking at DIY projects I’ll never create, recipes I’ll never fix, and haircuts that would never work for my curly hair and then wondering why I logged onto Pinterest in the first place. A spoonful of coconut oil dissolved in water with a few drops of tea tree oil (proportions do not have to be exact) is perfect for Lady Bug’s sensitive skin. The tea tree oil disinfects, and the coconut oil moisturizes. It’s also way easier to wipe her bottom quickly and effectively with this concoction than it is with a disposable wipe or a cloth wipe moistened with plain water.

2)Batch Processing Smoothie ingredients
This another amazing hack I found on Pinterest. I love this idea so much, I gave it its own blog post recently. Batch processing my smoothie ingredients makes my mornings go so much smoother. No pun intended.

I had no idea how easy it was to subscribe to and listen to podcasts until this summer. I don’t know why, but I was under the mistaken impression that podcasts were for tech geeks like my husband. So far, I have devoured Serial, I’m enjoying Beyond Your Blog, and I even got to be interviewed on Sarah Bagley’s podcast. Listening to a podcast while I do chores when the kids are in bed turns a boring task like folding laundry or loading the dishwasher into a treat.

4)The La Leche League website
I followed their advice when I was having oversupply problems with Lady Bug. My nipples were miniature fire hydrants. It was awful. I hated everything about breastfeeding until La Leche League saved the day. We are so lucky to have access to all kinds of information on the internet, for free. Note to self: Send them a donation.

5)Blonde Ponytail
I haven’t run more than about two painful miles since Thanksgiving, due to an injury. I miss running so much. I’ve been on my trainer in the basement, but it’s no substitute for running. Enter Blonde Ponytail’s website and her awesome You Tube videos where she takes you through workouts you can do at home. Her workouts require little or no equipment, they’re hard, and they’re efficient.

6)The Freckled Fox’s top knot tutorial
My hair isn’t long enough to do it exactly how she does, but I did a modification on her method to make it work for me. As long as my hair is long enough and I have five minutes, I will never have to endure a bad hair day ever again.

I’ve been on Goodreads for years, but I started using it in earnest this year. I love having all of the books I want to read, the books I’ve read, and the books my friends are reading consolidated in one place. I’m reading “Grain Brain” right now. What are you reading?

7 best things I discovered on the web in 2014

10 thoughts on “The Seven Best Things I Discovered on the Web in 2014

  1. Michele @ A Storybook Life says:

    Ooh, thanks for the Blonde Ponytail tip! I also love Goodreads. I have high hopes of reading more this year…though with the infant and toddler, we’ll see what actually happens. Maybe I should track all the Richard Scarry books that we read on there? Happy New Year!

    • Pam says:

      Haha! If I counted children’s books I would be the voracious reader I used to be! I looove reading. If I find a good book, I will tear through it. Let me know if you like Blonde Ponytail!

  2. Jessica @ Absurd, She Wrote says:

    I LOVE podcasts. I love listening to them when I’m walking the dog, cleaning or cooking, or even while nursing. The problem is like some of the comedy ones with flavorful language, so I’ll have to watch that as my baby grows older!

    For fitness, I’m really into FitnessBlender’s youtube channel. Do you know them? They are a married couple, both trainers, who just put out free videos of workouts, that can be sorted by duration, calorie burn, type of workout. They’re great to do in my living room while the baby naps.

  3. Nina says:

    Great finds! I’m going to try that Blonde Ponytail. thanks! Im interested in your interest in Goodreads. I just can’t get into keeping up to date and I don’t know why!

  4. Justine says:

    Oh, I should check out blonde ponytail. 🙂 I just signed up for goodreads, we will see how it goes. Glad to find your blog, and you are from Boulder!!! I grew up in Boulder. I, also, deeply miss my Jetta, may be my best car ever. I look forward to checking your blog out.

    • Pam says:

      I don’t know that the Jetta is the best car ever. We’ve certainly had our share of problems but I suppose all long-term relationships ebb and flow. It’s been through a lot with me. I will be sad to see it go. Thanks for visiting!!!

  5. Cassie says:

    We use just water on the wipes so I’ll have to try this out! Oh yes the La leche league is a great resource! Here locally they have monthly meetings which I went to before Miss M was born to learn about nursing. They even make house calls to help with issues!

    • Pam says:

      Water on the wipes was great with our first, since she wasn’t so sensitive. It feels like the baby is always either on the verge of a diaper rash or getting over one, so we have to be careful with what goes on her delicate skin!

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