The Epic Toy Purge That Changed My Life

Recently, a friend invited me over for a playdate. It was fun. We chatted and drank coffee while our kids played. And, it totally changed my life.

My friend’s house was just like mine, only smaller. And she had waaaay less toys. She also has two girls who are the same ages as mine, who are bright and engaging… despite (or perhaps because of) the fact toys haven’t taken over her entire house, or even close to it. My friend’s house was glorious in its lack of clutter. While I know I will never get there, as far as the stacks of mail, my shoe problem collection, or my natural tendency to procrastinate washing dishes and taking out the recycling. But getting rid of other people’s things? I could totally do that.

Click here to follow me over to Bon Bon Break to find out how I purged about a third of our toys and books and why it was amazing.


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