Ten-Minute Tuesday: Instead of asking, “What if I fail?” try this question instead.

You’re a total badass. And you have a big idea or a crazy goal. You’re so pumped!!! And then you start thinking about how you’re going to make it happen. It’s overwhelming. It’s scary. It’s complicated. You start telling yourself maybe it wasn’t such a good idea in the first place… or you keep thinking you’ll go after it when you’ve done more research, after you’ve taken another course, read another book… because you’re afraid of failing. 

Sound familiar? 

This episode has your name on it in BIG-ASS letters. When you’re stuck asking “What if I fail?” try asking a different question instead to start taking action. 

You’re too amazing to let your big idea stay in your head. 

[now go listen to the episode to figure out how to LET IT OUT!]

Did you try it? How did it go? Give me the deets!  

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