11| Alison Rothman, body-centered holistic coach: How to access strength and resilience from within

Alison Rothman

Trigger warnings, eating disorders, gun violence, sexual abuse 

Guest bio
Alison Rothman MA CYT, is a Body-Centered, Holistic Coach utilizing her extensive studies, experience, and first-hand knowledge of the capacity within the human body and spirit to heal. Alison provides clients with the ability to access their inner resources and release debilitating life patterns in order to reclaim their body, mind, heart, and soul connection.  In addition to her one-on-one work, she facilitates retreats and groups, writes, speaks, and is the host of the podcast “Embodied and Awake”. She lives in Boulder, CO. with her 12-year old son.  

Connect with Alison
Instagram:  @embody_life

Podcast:  https://www.embodymylife.com/podcast (and is on about 20 different platforms) 

Website:  www.embodymylife.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/EmbodyLifeHolisticWellness 

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In this episode we talked about…

  • How growing up as a dancer and later diving into yoga and meditation set her up to becoming a holistic body-centered coach
  • The “eccentric” thing Alison’s third grade teacher did and how it – and her experiences as a competitive dancer- planted the seeds for some of her body image issues she’d later develop – including what she calls a “raging eating disorder.” 
  • Self-destructive behaviors that emerged in high school
  • On getting holistic treatment for her ED as well as depression and anxiety in her 20’s (and why it helped in ways that talk therapy never did).
  • Questions to ask if a facility when vetting  an inpatient ED treatment 
  • On becoming a single mom
  • Advocating for her son who has special needs
  • On coming home to see her house was on fire – and how she survived the experience without trauma 
  • How her meditation practice helped her through a near death experience with a Mexican drug cartel 
  • The power of writing, prayer, meditation, and gentle movement as tools for coping with trauma 
  • Dealing with the trauma of childhood sexual abuse 
  • Meditation isn’t supposed to be fun; it’s practice for coping with life’s challenges 
  • How to cope when you feel fat 


“I didn’t have the support or resources to access myself.”

“Going back to your family of origin after this massive healing experience is never a good idea.”

“[Holistic treatment] propelled me into life. I was not living before this. My eyes were not open. I couldn’t see anything. It was such a tunnel vision way of living to be focused on food and exercise and how I looked.”

“I don’t like living in regret. So I feel like every step of my path has been information and the fuel that I’ve needed to really grow.”

To be embodied is to be in alignment with our truest selves. It is the ways in which we can ground and resource ourselves from deep within. It’s empowerment from within. It’s the ability to feel comfort in our own skin to move through life in integrity with the truth of who we are. 

“I had to access myself. I had to get onto my mat whenever I could. I had to start meditating consistently. I had to because I had to show up for my life. I had to be embodied in my life.”

“It became clearer and clearer that my life was my practice.”

“Anytime we move through trauma usually we need to move slowly.”

“Meditation is the foundation to everything.”

“If you want to know the magic answer to everything: meditation.”

“We can’t muscle through it… you’re not allowing the space for your cells to breathe, for your cells to unwind the trauma and they stay in your body and they become part of you and that’s when PTSD comes in.”

“Meditation is an effective practice — if you do it.”

“Feeling fat is symptomatic of much bigger issues… It’s never about the weight. It’s never about the food. It’s never about the substance.”. 

Mirasol in Tuscon

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer  

Shoshoni Yoga Retreat 

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