Is it me or is this totally wierd?

A couple of weeks ago my sister said that when she was a little kid, she really liked to eat a cracker (specifically a Stoned Wheat Thin b/c those are the only crackers our mom bought in those days), chew it, then spit it out onto another cracker and eat it as if it were a dip. (Liz please correct me if I got any of the details wrong).

This really grossed me out.

And I am the first to admit I am notorious for eating really gross food. For instance my best friend from grad school took my position at my old job when I left and she told me I was remembered well by many (this was a large department) for eating a pie from the work fridge; this particular pie had apparently been in there for a while, as evidenced by the mold on part of the crust. As I reached for it all my coworkers were like “Ew don’t eat that we have no idea how long it’s been in there.” I was like “Whatever just eat around the moldy part and its fine! No big whoop, its really good pie.” Really, it was. Also in college I had a roommate who would eat like 20% of a perfectly good salad from the campus center and throw the rest away. So if it was at or near the top of the garbage it was fair game as far as I was concerned. Anyway I am still alive and well so what’s the big deal.

In any event I still think spitting cracker on cracker as if it were hummus or brie is wierd and gross. What’s even odder is that my sister said her best friend admitted to having had the same strange habit as a child. And I do not know how we got on the topic but my cousin Jessi said she enjoyed a variation on that theme as a child as well; something about chewing up a Ritz cracker into a ball shaped mass of chewed up cracker, spitting it out, then eating it in ball-shaped form.

There are 2 morals of this story
1) There are some things that are so gross even I do not find them appetizing
2) If you think you do something that is really gross and/or strange perhaps there is a good chance there are others like you.

7 thoughts on “Is it me or is this totally wierd?

  1. BethB says:

    I think chewing up a cracker, spitting it onto another cracker and eating it as a cracker with topping is quite strange, however, I don’t find it gross….I’m quite surprised you are grossed out by this Pam!!!

  2. Pam Sinel says:

    Ryan, I don’t know if my sister is part animal or what but we used to enjoy teasing her about being adopted so maybe….Rob, if that works for you we should co-author an article for or something!! Beth, what can I say, I just want to keep you guessing:)

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