Book List

Lately I have been on a real non-fiction jag, which is not like me. Here are some of my latest

Scary story, could not put down
The Beast in the Garden, by David Baron
The story of the history of Boulder and the struggle between man and wildlife evolved into the eventual slaying of a young man by a mountain lion in 1990, with emphasis on the charged political battle between Boulder County and the State Division of Wildlife. A gripping tale which fueled my fear of mountain lions further. 3.5 stars

Scary story, could not get into

The Long Emergency

A Woman writes a memoir that is truly a celebration of life

Eat. Pray. Love. by Elizabeth Gilbert I feel like saying if you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you. Has anyone not read this!? This woman lives the life we dream of, travelling for a year and getting paid to write about it. I could not put down this story of risk and self-discovery. 5 stars

Summer at Tiffany’s, by Marjorie Hart
A heartwarming tale about Ms. Hart’s experience as a college coed from the midwest spending a summer in the Big Apple as Tiffany’s first ever female page in the 1940’s. A tribute to life, this one made me smile. 4 stars

A Woman’s Memoir that can be summed up as “My life kept getting worse and worse, so then I wrote a book about it !”

The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls
The story of the daughter of a raging alcoholic

The Rabbi’s Daughter, by Reva Mann

I couldn’t keep it to Myself: Testimonies from our Imprisoned Sisters, by Wally Lamb

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