Year in Review: 2008

New Years day characterized by hangover, bloatedness and general dread, as moved out of apartment, stored stuff in parents’ garage and moved into guest room with no job and no solid plan. Overwhelmed re: said unemployment and homelessness. Fight with mom. Act like am 15 years old. Dad referees. As usual. Struggle to figure out what to do with life. Read “Eat. Pray. Love.” Decide to move to Boulder. Going away party fantastic. Leave anyway. First solo road trip. Realized am more entertaining to self than previously believed. Discover McDonald’s coffee.

Arrive in Boulder. Find apartment. Start job. Realize job sucks and does not have full-time hours as promised. Start looking for new job. Interview at hospital for per diem position. Go skiing with cool new roommate. Bring strangers to mountain via ride share. Stranger #1 is total know-it-all. Stranger #2 vomits in car. She apologizes profusely. Act like its no big whoop. Pick scrambled eggs out of hair. Meet a cute guy skiing. He says he will call. Receive hospital per diem job offer but must pee in a cup first. Go on date with person. Decent looking but bad personality. Go out with another match.commer. Decent personality but not so good-looking. Apply for job with staffing company. Pee in another cup. Go out to dinner with guy who was was actually looking for roommate but was really nice on phone even though housing situation not a match. Go on second date, a hike. Slip and fall on ice. Fully embarrass self. Act like is not a big deal. Never see him again. Hospital calls and tells you drug test needs to be repeated, as results inconclusive. Pee in a cup again. Decide cute skiing guy is never going to call. Go to bar on Valentine’s Day. Meet Dan. Am intoxicated and basically unemployed but wearing cute outfit and hair not frizzy at all. Give him number. Kiss him in the bar. Afraid he will never call but hope he will. He texts next day. Interview for job. Skiing guy calls but am busy. Go out with Dan. He admits he found my blog and thinks it is hilarious. Forget about skiing guy. Am offered job. Is supposed to be full-time. Do not have to pee in a cup for this one. Hope to never pee in cup again.

Realize new job not all is cracked up to be. Is part-time at best. Best friend and her husband visit. Sister and her boyfriend visit. Introduce them to Dan and some people I know. Don’t really have friends yet except for roommates. Thinking about bailing on Ironman because Achilles still hurts. Realize am totally butt crazy in love with Dan. Afraid to tell him but do it anyway.

Achilles finally better. Decide to to Ironman after all. Interview for job at local nursing home. Pee in another cup. Help Dan find his first road bike. As if he were not best guy ever before obtaining bike. Am offered per diem job at local nursing home. Have to pee in cup before start working.

Still training for Ironman. Pen pal comes to visit. Can’t believe have had pen pal for 13 years. Run Bolder Boulder.

Still training for ironman. Niece born. Fly to RI to meet her. Extremely cute and peanut like but no personality yet. Go on Bike Tour Colorado.

RI 70.3 does not go as planned. Am disappointed, mad, frustrated. Not really in the mood to train for Ironman anymore but do it anyway. Parents and aunt and uncle visit. Dad interrogates Dan. Dan not allowed to ask Dad any questions. Dan is good sport.

Go to Chama for friend’s wedding. Think I should get Best Girlfriend award for camping at a wedding. Think I should get Worst Girlfriend award for getting lost in a lake at dusk and worrying Dan. Go to Philly for friend’s wedding. While in airport, for once am calm one in relationship. Realize how much Dan dislikes flying.

Dan and I embark on road trip to Wisconsin. Complete second ironman. Slower than first time and not so happy about that but enjoy running in skirt and think finish photo is sufficiently cute. Use race as excuse to eat a gallon of ice cream, et al. Receive offer to do per diem work at local hospital. Pee in another cup. Hope someone there will die/get maimed/retire so can have full time job. Realize value of benefits and paid time off and feel like brat for not appreciating them when had them. Have second annual IronParty. Friends come. Realize actually have friends beside Dan and his friends. Very exciting.

Dan comes to temple. Realize is even more boring for him than is for me. Feel kind of bad. But not that bad. Actually fast for Yom Kippur for first time because Dan does. Grandparents move into nursing home. Fly to Pennsylvania for a visit. Give Bubby a manicure. Tell Zada not to be so rude to his occupational therapist. Learn Excel from Dan. Make budget for first time ever. Actually keep track of spending. Realize don’t need most things right now, as previously believed. Feel liberated. Still need to work however. Apply for job with another staffing company. Pee in another cup. Start another new job have been trying to finagle for a while. Do not have to pee in cup for this one.

Turn 30. Am Princess not just for birthday but also on day of birthday party at which man with balloons sings to me. Finally what I have always wanted. Am showered with attention and gifts by many friends and family members. Sister says my baby picture looks like John McCain. Admit its true. Do not let this ruin birthday. Wish I could turn 30 every day. Go to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. Want to squeeze niece because is so darn cute. Find her to be best baby ever. Apply for another per diem job at long-term care facility.

Start to hate running. Don’t want to do it anymore. Go to Puerto Vallarta. Find it very hard to prioritize running on vacation but do it anyway. Come home and still don’t want to run. Consider ditching February marathon. Change mind. Like running again. Celebrate first Christmas (ie don’t go to Chinese food and exchange Hannukah gifts with other Jews.) Instead hang out with Dan’s family. Open presents on Christmas morning. Enjoy this very much. Dan receives Red Sox jersey with acceptance from Dad into Red Sox Nation. Pee in another cup for long-term care facility.

6 thoughts on “Year in Review: 2008

  1. Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) says:

    This is so you and the perfect way to start my morning!Despite peeing in SO many friggin’ cups, I’d say 2008 has been pretty great for you!Can’t wait to see what’s coming in 2009 ;)Happy New Year!!! You were missed on xmas Eve!

  2. Nat says:

    Momentous year indeed! Giggled while reading, and read some parts out to Steve, which made him grin widely. 🙂 Can’t wait to be part of your 2009!!!

  3. sarah says:

    One of my pet peeves has always been getting a review of someone’s year. Reading your review of 2008 made me change my mind! Happy New Year! May 2009 bring you only enjoyable experiences to review next January!Sarah

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