I used to take Valentine’s Day really personally. Like it was created just to piss me off and make me feel lonely and sad just because I was not in a relationship. I’m not saying I’ve never had a valentine up till now. There’s been a few here and there. To straighten out the record, see the timeline below
1995: Got a homemade valentine from a guy I was dating and felt queasy. Told him I just wanted to be friends shortly thereafter
1996: Can’t remember.
1997: Went to a frat party, got drunk
1998: Was invited ice skating by an MIT student but wasn’t sure if it was a date (in retrospect probably was).
1999: On verge of breakup with college boyfriend, as I was imminently leaving to study abroad. We celebrated anyway. He gave me a rhinestone covered beetle shaped bobby pin. I didn’t understand what made him think I would wear something like that. I still don’t.
2000: See 1997 or some variation thereof.
2001: Went out with someone I was dating at the time but wasn’t totally crazy about. Finding an appropriate card proved surprisingly difficult.
2002: Can’t remember
2003: Went to bar, got smashed.
2004: Showed up to group ride and received chocolate and hug from guy I was dating. Was a little flattered but mostly mortified as didn’t feel the need for everyone to know I was seeing someone 17 years my senior.
2005: Instead of sending flowers, parents opt to finance my new Pella roll-screen door.
2006: Can’t remember
2007: Having love affair with training for Ironman Lake Placid. Probably at masters.

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