Instead of a blog post here are the comments you would have heard if you had been standing outside my dressing room when I tried on wedding dresses with my mom and sister. For the fifth time. Actually the first time with all of us together, the fourth time with my mom, but the fifth time altogether. I don’t understand these women who are like “I got the first one I tried on!” Good for them. I liken the process of wedding dress shopping to dating. Both take a lot of time and energy. You can do both online and/or in person but the latter is usually less of a crapshoot. Both are alternately extremely fun and utterly demoralizing, but totally worth it when you finally find the right one. Which I finally did (The man and the dress. Hurrah!)

“This one is kind of… really bad.” -Me

“I look like Cinderella. But not in a good way.” – Me

“This could be a great dress. For someone really skinny with big boobs.” -Me

“I never realized my cellulite had cellulite till now.” -Me

“Don’t even bother zipping this one.” -Me

“My finger hurts! Can Mom take over?” – Liz after zipping approximately the 31st dress

2 thoughts on “Comments

  1. joelle says:

    i’m so glad you found one…i’m sure it’s beautiful! just promise me you won’t change your mind about it a month before the wedding…only crazy girls do that 🙂

  2. PJ says:

    Is now not the time to say I bought the 2nd one I tried on (I got lucky)? :)I’m glad you found one — I can’t wait to see pictures!

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