The two dogs I wasn’t allowed to keep

Barney Barney you were so sweet
You just came up to me in the garage and wagged your tail at my feet
I didn’t know where you came from or who you were
I just knew I loved your doggie smile and wiry fur
Your tag said “Barney” and gave a phone number
Do we have to call? What if the owners are in a slumber??
Dan assured me it was 9am on a weekday and surely they were awake
But I thought maybe it was a fake number, and not by mistake
Perhaps Barney’s owners had a well-thought out design
to abandon their pup, and in so doing, inadvertently make him mine?
Dan kept a straight face while he listened to my theory
But he insisted we call the number and make a query
As to whether Barney was their runaway pet
But it went straight to voicemail.. there was hope yet!
Maybe just maybe they’d never return the call
Oh how I wanted a dog, especially one so sweet and small!
We took him to Walnut where we ordered a meal
While sure enough Dan left the table so a look he could steal
Of Barney lying behind a potted plant, relaxing without a care
He returned with a status report “He’s still lying there.”
Was it possible Dan left his ham and eggs to just check on the canine?
Why was I surprised, his sensitivity to living creatures is truly sublime
Even if he acts like he doesn’t care, not one single bit
I know Dan is completely full of sh*t.

The same thing happened today when Rocky stepped into our yard
To love his happy little Blue Heeler face really wasn’t hard
Dan suggested we take him for a walk this afternoon
But if I were to mention his affection for Rocky, he’d turn a shade of maroon…
Alas his owner came, thankful we kept him safe and dry
And then I looked at Rocky, threw him one last stick and said my sad goodbye

I admit it I just want one of my own
Because it hurts so bad when they have to go home

I’m finding it hard to believe these coincidences are not something divine
It seems the universe is sending some pretty clear signs
Why else would two dogs wander into our lawn in the space of less than a week
I’m not a new-age wierdo but I believe you should listen when the universe speaks
In the meantime, here is my ode, to the two dogs I was not allowed to keep

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